Ramakrishna Math, Puducherry
Ramakrishna Math, Puducherry
(A Unit of Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai)

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Deepavali gift distribution to Children
On 22nd of Oct 2022, 30 poor children of a free night school in a village near Pondicherry were given 2 T Shirts, crackers and sweets each on account of Deepavali.
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Distribution of free note Books

Distribution of free note books to 35 children of the free tuition centre ('Sri Ramakrishna Night School) at Pudukkuppam, a village at a distance of 30 km from Pondicherry.

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Japa Yajna 

Japa yajna held on 17th July, 2022 in the Math. 40 Devotees participated in the program.

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Summer camp (Personality Development camp)

Summer camp (Personality Development camp) activities for school children held for 15 days in June.

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